Entrust us with the sale or lease of your property. 

Team up with an agency who knows your market best and truly wants to understand your needs. 

Our extensive local knowledge, intel of active deals in progress and access to off market completed transactions, allows us to accurately assess the current sale and lease value of your property quickly. 

  • First National Commercial Hills Central comprises of a First National Diamond Award-winning team that offers over 25 years of experience in commercial, industrial, and retail sales and leasing. They have a track-proven record and an abundance of testimonials to support their top results. 
  • State-of-the-art CRM which users buyer/ tenant matching software, that not only allows us to quickly match qualified prospects to your specific property attributes, but it also allows us to see when, what the buyer is looking at specifically as well as how many times they have opened the property link, allowing us to prioritise prospect calls and follow-ups. This pro-active approach has allowed us to substantially reduce time on the market from that of our competitors. 
  • Strategic marketing: Whilst many agents choose all and every form of marketing, we value our clients’ upfront marketing spend as it was our money and ensure the money spent on marketing is strategically targeted, specific for your style of property and the current economic climate at that time. Quality is not compromised at any time. 
  • Focused approach: Our office specialises on commercial, industrial and retail property within the Hills District –we have no residential sales or leasing to distract us or take the focus away from what we do best, which is achieving the best possible result for our clients.
  • Well recognised Brand: Aligned to Australia’s premier network of independent agencies, First National Commercial offers unrivalled clarity of purpose and expertise at a local level.  At First National Commercial, Hills Central, your property will be cross marketed throughout the dynamic, independent Australasian First National network. 

This Award-winning office is breaking new ground throughout the Hills region. We are proud of our company’s reputation for initiative and integrity, and it will be a privilege to work you with and present your property to the market. 






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