Allow us to manage your investment property. 

At First National Commercial Hills Central, we are proud to say that our key staff within our asset management team have a collective experience of over 25 years. 

The team are well equipped in dealing with all aspects of commercial property management and working closely with the sales & leasing team, will ensure all matters relating to keeping the rent at market rates plus subsequent re-leasing is completed in the most effective manner.

Selecting the right agent to manage your investment property is one of the most important decisions you will make in property investment. Not all managing agents are created equal. 

The agent offering you the lowest commission rates is not necessarily the best option. While you may be able to save a few dollars on fees, it is ultimately the rental income, quality of tenant, lease term and the right clause within your lease is where the real returns are realised.

First National Commercial, Hills Central offers a complete property management service, backed by the marketing services, state of the art cloud-based systems and professional training offered by a large, nationally recognised brand. 

Our range of service include: 

  • Timely rent disbursements: We don’t simply disburse your rental funds each month, we offer a variety of options on when and how often you can receive funds. 
  • Inspection reports: Detailed inspection reports, including photos are carried out before the tenant moves in and at the end of their tenancy. Reports are conducted via a software that links into our property management system, making the process seamless. All reports can be forwarded to you for your records, upon request.
  • Rent reviews and market reviews: Monitoring and implements rent reviews is one of our key strengths- Market reviews are conducted with live data, in addition with recent results- Contact us directly to explore our key points of difference with respect to market reviews. 
  • Budgeting of outgoings and forecasts: we can arrange for the payment of all your property outgoings from either your rent payments or they are annually reconciled outgoings payments, which include council rates, water rates, strata levies, insurances, land tax, pest control, gardening, and general maintenance. Alternatively, you can manage these expenses yourself- the choice is yours.
  • Arrears management - Not all arrears’ management is handled the same and our process can be highly dependable on the lease, the tenant’s use, circumstances and of course legalisation. Our team conduct regular training to ensure the correct approach is adopted. We also have quick access to a professional legal team, if necessary. 
  • Management of fire/safety regulations: Frequent changes to legislations in each State mean changes to the way the your property is administered. Staying up to date is important to remain compliant.
  • Income Statements: We have a variety of options for sending statements. These include emailing you a statement each time money is disbursed or monthly, regardless of how often payments are made, to reduce paperwork and inbox clutter. 
  • Administering repairs and maintenance: We highly respect our landlords’ discretion with this regard, with many of our clients having professional trades within your network, the choice is yours’ to use our trades or your own. All repairs and maintenance work orders are issued via our cloud-based system and can be monitored by our clients via an app. 
  • Lease negotiations: We take lease negotiations with the upmost care and have strict cross checking internal policies to reduce our client’s risk and ensure all avenues are covered off to avoid complications later. 

If you’re looking for peace of mind in knowing that your asset is being cared for to a high standard, while ensuring your property value is maximised and expenses minimised, contact us today.






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